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It's Happening!

Kohmet a posted Jul 13, 18

As most have heard or speculated or guessed, the prepatch for BFA is coming July 17th to US servers.  In the same way that has happened in the past there will be a tremdous amount of changes that will be happening to our current game in preparation for BFA launch on August 14th.  To help prepare please take a look at the video below as well as some of the other guides from wowhead. 

@Errant_Venture @Lemme_Smash

BFA creeps ever closer! With that in mind I will be making a post to the forums on Friday June 29th  for you to put in your request for your raid position in BFA.  There will be a place for you to put your primary, secondary, and tertiary choices which should include both role (DPS/Tank/Heal) as well as the class/spec.  

We are doing an organizational session on the 28th of July so you have until the end of day on July 27th to reply with your desired position. We'll use that information to put together the initial raid roster for BFA.  Of course things will change between our initial roster and when we actually start raiding but this will give us a good idea of what we have to recruit and what positions need to be filled. 

As a side note, if you haven't completed an application on the new website now is the time to do so.  Message me directly if you have any issues @Kohmet#1597 either on discord or bnet.

Kohmet a If you are interested in weekday raiding, don't forget to post to Saucy Puppet Shows thread! https://www.errantven...
Vhoodoo range dps
Kohmet a post is live!
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