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Great job to LS and SPS getting 2/9H down. Keep it up!
Congrats LS and SPS for Clearing Uldir H. Keep up the great work!
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Congrats LS

Ariessa a posted Nov 18, 18

Congrats to LS on a one night clear of Heroic Uldir! Keep up the good work.

Uldir DEFEATED 8/8 H

Lonali a posted Oct 28, 18

Grats everyone on your hard work and determination! We are now 8/8H in Uldir! Grats on all of the AOTC!

squashy a So proud of everyone :d

Heroic Mythrax Down!

Lonali a posted Oct 21, 18

Congrats guys on the heroic Mythrax kill! Excellent job!

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