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Heroic Mythrax Down!

Lonali a posted 4 hours ago

Congrats guys on the heroic Mythrax kill! Excellent job!

Congratulations Saucy Puppet Show Raid Team!

After several weeks of hard work and working together, SPS successfully cleared Normal Uldir and Heroic Taloc.  The video below is to celebrate not only their dedication and victory in Uldir but also their future victories in Heroic Uldir!  The guild looks forward to your continued success as both your skill and numbers grow.

Normal Uldir Defeated -

Kohmet posted Sep 17, 18

Congratulations Lemme Smash Raid Team!

Each and every member of the raid team has helped contribute to smashing through Uldir normal over the past weeks. From farming mats to making buffs to researching strategies to helping each other gear up you have done a spectacular job.  Continue to sharpen your swords and minds as we prepare to venture into Heroic Uldir.

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