Who are we?
-We are an amalgamation of players both new and old.
-We are all adults
-We have fun and experience new content together
-We have a culture of dignity and respect

How do we handle improvement and issues?
-Team/Guild comes first (We're all in this together!)
-Resolve issues quickly, rationally, and privately if necessary
-Share knowledge and advice freely
-No unchecked, or unresolved drama/issues

What are the expectations for involvement?
-Active engagement in the guild (running content, helping other members, being social with other members, contributing to the guild resources, etc)
-We have separate autonomous raid teams (Lemme Smash and Saucy Puppet Show) but we are willing to help each other as needed
-If you want to participate in a raid, you need to sign up beforehand.

What roles do we have ?
-Trial to see how an individual meshes with the guild before moving to raider or member rank
-Two week period

-Open for anyone who wants to be part of the guild
-Welcome to any content currently on farm to get loot and experience
-Individuals can move to progression raider based core criteria listed below (see Raider).

Raider: (updated 11/12/18)
-Be punctual or early for group form up (15 minutes before raid time) -Know/prepare for the fights before hand:
The RL will have resources available, but the intent of this is for ALL raid team members to do their own research prior to raid. The RL is responsible for outlining the strategy that will be used, members should be familiar with boss abilities and phases of the fight. -Know their own class: There are many resources out there to help you better yourself. Be sure to check the pinned messages in discord. -Adequate performance: The general guidelines we use is your parse from wow logs. The expectation is that your OVERALL average is GREEN or better. Mechanics are followed. We understand mistakes happen, the goal is to not make the same mistake multiple times. -Adequate gear:
Minimum ilvl will be delineated by the RL prior to each tier and difficulty. -Clear focused attitude: If you are going to be distracted, you are encouraged to drop until you can focus appropriately. Shenanigans are encouraged as it adds fun to the raid, but please make sure it is done at the right time/place. -Voice communications: We really do want to hear your lovely voices, so please have a working mic if at all possible. Active communication is essential to our success, therefore the use of Discord(listen) is mandatory for raiders.
Raid leader:
-Meet criteria for progression raider
-Facilitates their raid team’s progression through content:
Maintains raid composition needed for raiding (internal/external recruitment)
Reliably leading raids on a regular basis including knowledge of fights
Decisively directs raid team taking into account raid team input


-Meet criteria for progression raider
-Work with other officers to create a welcoming and respectful environment
-Go out of your way to assist others
-Treat all issues with fairness and respect to resolution
-Actively contribute to the guild above and beyond a normal member
-Participation in weekly meetings